5 Powerful Ways to Use Positive Affirmations

"I'm so ugly" 
"I'm not good enough to be a musician" and 
"I'm a horrible mother"

are all thoughts I used to have on a daily basis

I thought they were normal(which they are)... but I thought there was nothing I could do to stop them. 

Even though I seemed like a happy person on the outside, on the inside I had low self confidence and self love. And I had no idea how much this impacted my ACTUAL happiness! 

A few years ago I did some research on self love and positive affirmations. I guess I'd had enough of treating myself like crap! I started to catch myself in the thought process. Whenever I had a negative thought, I'd replace it with a positive one. 

"I'm so ugly" became "I am BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!" 
"I'm not good enough to be a musician" became "I am CAPABLE of anything I want to do!" 
"I'm a horrible mother" became "I'm an AMAZING mother!" 

At first I felt silly and phony saying these things I didn't really believe. But with time and consistency, my mind started to change. 

I started to believe, deep down, that I AM beautiful, I AM a good mother, I AM a good musician(plus so many other things!). The negative voices eventually stopped popping up... I guess they knew they wouldn't be listened to! 

Today I am SO much happier, more confident, and more in love with life and myself. I also saw positive changes in my relationship with my husband and kids as I started to incorporate them in our family's daily life.

In the beginning I just thought the positive affirmations silently whenever a negative thought appeared. But over the years I've learned a few more ways that have helped me massively: 

1. Writing them down 

I write a page of positive affirmations in my journal at least once a week, and often I'll write 3-4 different ones for the day, depending on how I'm feeling and what I want to work on.  

Examples: "I am a calm, patient mother" 
"I remember to breathe deeply in tough situations" 

2. Mirror Work 

This is one I just learned about from Louise Hay in her book "You Can Heal Your Life". She says it is the quickest and most effective way to get positive beliefs ingrained in your mind. Mirror work is simply looking at yourself in a mirror and saying something positive. It might seem strange or awkward at first... but it works, and soon you will believe what you're saying. I have a bunch of affirmations on pieces of paper surrounding my bathroom mirror so I remember to say them to myself every morning. 


"I love myself unconditionally" 

"I love my eyes"

"I have a beautiful smile"

"I approve of myself"

3. Listening 

There are a number of guided positive affirmation meditations on YouTube and Spotify. I have also heard of people recording themselves speaking positive affirmations into their phone and then playing it to themselves as they fall asleep. Here are a couple I have found on YouTube - "Self-Love Affirmations" from Jason Stephenson and "Sleep Hypnosis - Your Garden of Affirmations" from Michael Sealey.

4. Colouring

This one's great for kids AND adults! You could spend 5-20 colouring a piece of paper, and that's quite a long time to be absorbing a positive thought in your head. Join my EPIC EMAIL LIST here and I will send you these colouring pages fo' FREE!

5. Singing

Download my song "You Are Amazing"(FOR FREE) which includes 30+ positive affirmations from A-Z for children (and our inner children!) and sing along! Singing affirmations is so powerful because words set to music are generally SO MUCH EASIER to remember! 

YOUR TURN! What are your favourite ways to use positive affirmations?? I would LOVE to know. Leave a comment below!


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