Teach kids to be kind with the KINDNESS CLUB!

Do you wish the world was a kinder place? Then you will love Kindness Club, an amazing Canadian company founded by a 6 year old. 


-makes adorable clothing, affirmation cards and products that teach self love and kindness

-was started by a 6 year old, Marisa Burke

-cares about the environment

Created by a 6 year old

Kindness Club was created by a 6 year old named Marisa in 2021. Marisa watched her parents become entrepreneurs and wanted to do the same. She thought of an easy, visual way to spread her message about being kind. With the help of her parents, she formulated a product that turned into an online t-shirt business. Kindness Club now offers apparel, accessories and mindfulness products!

When I read about their company, their story, and their mission, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

Products that encourage kindness

I love their clothing for kids and adults, affirmation cards, pencils, and adorable rainbow mirror cling that reminds us to be kind to OURSELVES.

I’m glad I have these visual reminders to help my family to be kind to themselves and others!


The Kindness Club mission goes so well with my song “Kinder”:

“Here’s a little reminder to be a little kinder

To everyone you meet in the world today

Give a smile, a hug, a high five

And ask them how they are

‘Cause a little bit of kindness always goes really far”

Watch the lyric video on YouTube below:

Get 15% off of Kindness Club Products

I’m thrilled to partner with Kindness Club and help them make the world a better place. If you’d like to join the Kindness Club and support Marisa’s mission, you can check out their awesome products by clicking HERE. Use the code LINDSAY15 for a 15% discount!

Let’s all go and spread some love today!

Love, Lindsay

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