Around the World Playlist for KIDS!

Music is an important part of every country and culture on the planet. I wanted to put together a playlist of songs for my kids that would expose them to the many different styles and genres of music our world offers! It's on Spotify, and below I have listed each song, artist and country. If you have a song you would like added to the list, please contact me. Feel free to share this playlist with your kids or your students! Click the image below to listen!

~ List will change as songs are added! ~ Check back frequently! ~

Around the World: Daft Punk {FRANCE}

Mas Que Nada: Sergio Mendes, Gracinha Leporace {BRASIL} 

Battu: Angelique Kidjo {BENIN} 

Happiest Man Alive: Machel Montano {TRINIDAD} 

A Haka Ma: Anika Moa {NEW ZEALAND} 

Xiger Xiger: Hanggai {MONGOLIA} 

Like Me and You: Lindsay Müller {CANADA}

Tour The World: Renald Francoeur {HAITI/AMERICA} 

Waltzing Matilda: Fiddlers Green {AUSTRALIA}

Follow the Sun: Xavier Rudd {AUSTRALIA}  

Come and Dance: Sam Mukoro {NIGERIA} 

Nakumbuka: Jabali Afrika {KENYA} 

Kalindawalo: Larry Maluma {ZAMBIA} 

Sing Lo-Lo: Vieux Diop {WEST AFRICA/SENEGAL} 

Kalimba: Dr Victor {SOUTH AFRICA} 

Mouse in the House: Marty Dread {HAWAII} 

Krokodil: Roland Zoss {SWITZERLAND} 

Shàng Xué G (Going to School Song): A Little Mandarin {CHINA}

El Bodeguero: Cubanismo {CUBA}

Bongo Bong: Manu Chao {FRANCE/SPAIN} 

Three Little Birds: Bob Marley {JAMAICA}

Doo be doo: Freshlyground {SOUTH AFRICA} 

La Gota Fria: Carlos Vives {COLOMBIA} 

Molly Malone: The Dubliners {IRELAND} 

Irish Rover: The Pogues, The Dubliners {ENGLAND} 

Laskar Pelangi: Nidji {INDONESIA} 

Popcorn Andino: Chica Libre {PERU} 

Avraham Tal {ISRAEL} 

Je Veux: Zaz {FRANCE} 

Wintergatan: Marble Machine {SWEDEN} 

Dromendans: Vinzzent {NETHERLANDS} 

Miala baba koguta: Bayer Full {POLAND} 

Vision One: Royksopp {NORWAY} 

Rasa Sayang: Hanie Soraya {MALAYSIA} 

Calon Lan: Chessboxer {WALES} 

Sõit: Trad.Attack! {ESTONIA} 

Take Me Home, Country Roads: John Denver {USA} 

International: Baaba Maal {SENEGAL} 

Dugly Dagly: Berg, Zanon, Trio Mandili {GEORGIA} 

Gemu Fa Mi Re: Nyong Franco {INDONESIA} 

Cantare a Puerto Rico: Plena Libre {PUERTO RICO} 

Number One for Me: Maher Zain {SWEDEN/LEBANON} 

On écrit sur les murs: Kids United {FRANCE} 

Tera Hua: Atif Aslam {PAKISTAN}

One Way Trip: Orisha Sound {JAMAICA} 

Explorer of the World: Frances England {USA} 

Tapha Niang: Toumani Diabaté, Symmetric Orchestra {MALI} 

Burritos de Bogotá: Canticuentos {ARGENTINA} 

Despidida: Recycled Orchestra of Cateura with Inter School Orchestra {PARAGUAY}

Around the World: Pihcintu Multinational Children's Chorus

The Unicorn: The Irish Rovers {IRELAND}

Mutserendende: Oliver Mtukudzi {ZIMBABWE}

Der einsame Hirte: Leo Rojas {ECUADOR}

Por Eso Te Quiero Cuenca: Olmedo Torres {ECUADOR}

O Pato (The Duck): Emilie Claire Barlow {BRAZIL/CANADA}

Water: Alysha Brilla {CANADA/INDIA/TANZANIA}

Eye Adaba {Asa}: {NIGERIA}

Hupsakee!: Kinderen Voor Kinderen {THE NETHERLANDS}

Ojala Que Llueva Café: Juan Luis Guerra {DOMINICAN REPUBLIC}

Katzeklo: Helge Schneider {GERMANY}

What's That, Habitat?: Remy Rodden {CANADA}

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