Educational Songs for Kids: Spotify Playlist

Did you know that music can assist with learning language?

Whether it’s a first or second language your child is learning, music has this magical power that makes words and concepts stick in our heads. Most of us have experienced this firsthand by learning the ABCs in a song. But it can go far beyond that! 

I used music to teach my boys the days of the week and months of the year. There are hundreds of other concepts that can be taught through music: letter sounds, rhyming, vowels, colours, numbers, etc. I've put together my favourite educational songs into a Spotify playlist. It’s called “Educational Songs for Kids” and we listen to it when we’re doing drawing/writing at the table. Listen on Spotify, or make your own on your preferred platform. I've included the song list below!

Song List:

1. Abcs: Stephanie Leavell

2. A is for Apple

3. "C" IS FOR COOKIE: Little Apple Band

4. Letter Sounds (apple apple aaa): Barbara Milne

5. Singing Long Vowel Sounds: Radha

6. Old Macdonald Had Some Vowels: The Kiboomers

7. Fun With The Rhyme Time Band: Hap Palmer

8. Let the S Go: Caspar Babypants

9. Apples and Bananas: Raffi

10. Days of the Week: Super Simple Songs

11. One Little Finger: Super Simple Songs

12. Down By The Bay: Raffi

13. Do-Re-Me: Julie Andrews 

14. 7 Days Of The Week: The Learning Station

15. Bingo: Kidsongs

16. Days of the Week (Addams Family Parody): Martin and Rose

17. Macarena Months: Dr. Jean Feldman

18. The Colors Song: Blippi, Nicky Notes

What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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