Empowering Songs for Kids: Spotify Playlist

Do your kids need a confidence boost? Play this uplifting, empowering music for them! Listen here on Spotify or make your own using the songs below!

1. Big Life: Lindsay Muller

2. I'm Me!: Charlie Hope

3. You Are Amazing: Lindsay Muller (get a FREE download of this song here!)

4. We Are Enough: Emily Arrow

5. I Can Do Things: Stephanie Leavell

6. Perfectly Imperfect: Frecklehead

7. We Are One: Renee & Jeremy

8. Love Shining Inside Me: Charlie Hope

9. Don't Hide Your Magic: Emily Arrow

10. Try: Big Block Singsong

11. Try Everything: Shakira

12. I Love Me: Meghan Trainor

13. Humility: Fred Penner

14. Somebody Believes: Fred Penner

15. You Can Be You: Kath Bee

16. Shine Your Light: Asa

17. Be Yourself: The Singing Lizard

18. I'd Rather Be Me: Snatam Kaur

19. Individuality: Kath Bee, Sian Kerr

20. Light It Up: Caspar Babypants

21. If You Want to Sing Out: Frances England

22. Abracadabra: Brotha James

23. Gotta Be Me: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

24. You Can Do This Hard Thing: Carrie Newcomer

25: Don't Give Up On Me: Andy Grammer

26. Walk Tall: Ziggy Marley

27. Let Your Voice Be Heard: Giullian Yao Gioiello

28: Take a Leap: David Hyde Pierce, Julie Andrews


What songs would you add to the list? Tell me in the comments!


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