Love Songs for Kids: Spotify Playlist

Need some new POSITIVE tunes for your kids that your whole family will enjoy? Look no further than the "Love Songs for Kids" playlist. Perfect as background music during quiet play, this playlist has a gentle folk vibe with lyrics about all kinds of non-romantic love: self love, love between parent and child, love for siblings and friends. Listen now to the playlist on Spotify, or create your own on YouTube, Amazon Music or Apple Music using the songs listed below:

Song List:

1. Little Bitta You: Andrew and Polly

2. You Are Amazing: Lindsay Müller (get a FREE download of this song here!)

3. Loved: Charlie Hope

4. We Are One: Renee & Jeremy

5. Beacons of Light: Frances England

6. You & Me: Frances England

7. We Are Enough: Emily Arrow

8. The Family Song: Lindsay Muller

9. From You: Charlie Hope

10. I Can Do Things: Stephanie Leavell

11. Take a Breath: Raffi

12. Love Shining Inside Me: Charlie Hope

13. I Love You the Most: Splash 'N Boots

14. I'm Me!: Charlie Hope

15. Treat Others as You Want to be Treated: Lindsay Muller

16. Better Together: JJ Heller

17. Like Me and You: Lindsay Muller

18. You & I: Helen Austin

19. Everybody: Ingrid Michaelson

20. Night Mantra: Renee & Jeremy

21: Love Is: Alina Celeste

22. Perfectly Imperfect: Frecklehead

23. Best Part: Charlie Hope

24. Count On Me: Bruno Mars

25. Somebody Believes: Fred Penner

26. Humility: Fred Penner

27. Not Just My Sister: Frances England

28. One That I Love: Charlie Hope

29. You Can Always Come Home to Me: Lindsay Muller

30. That's What Friends are For: Frances England 

31. Watching You Grow: Frances England

32. Wonderful World: Stephanie Leavell

33. You Matter to Me: Stephanie Leavell

34. Aila's Song: The Happy Hearts Band

35. You've Got a Friend in Me: Christina Perri

36. Loves Me Like a Rock: The Wailin' Jennys

37. You'll Be in My Heart: Glenn Close, Phil Collins


What songs would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!


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