Musical Genres: a Playlist for Kids

Why expose our children to different musical genres?

  • It helps their brain develop
  • They get to choose what THEY like, which helps them build their sense of identity
  • They are exposed to different instruments and may get inspired to try them one day
  • They are less likely to think of a certain genre as "weird" or "different" if they've already heard it from a young age
  • It opens their minds to different kinds of creative expression
  • They may be inspired to create their own songs and will have a wide variety of influences

Music education doesn't have to happen in a classroom - it can happen right at home. All you need to do is press play on this Spotify playlist I've created! It contains kid-friendly songs from over 30 genres. Talk about each genre below, see which ones your child likes and go from there! Here's the list, which I will be adding to! If you have a song suggestion, please contact me. Click the image below to go to the Spotify Playlist, or create your own.

1. Black and White: Sara Lugo: REGGAE 

2. I Love Me: Meghan Trainor: POP 

3. Back Pocket: Vulfpeck: FUNK 

4. Mighty: Caravan Palace: ELECTRO SWING 

5. Lovely Day: Bill Withers: SOUL 

6. Night Fever: Bee Gees: DISCO 

7. Big Yellow Taxi: Joni Mitchell: FOLK 

8. In the Hall of the Mountain King: Edvard Grieg: CLASSICAL 

9. Life is a Highway: Rascal Flatts: COUNTRY 

10. Dive Bomber: Andromeda Coast: ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC 

11. Sweet Child O' Mine: Guns and Roses: ROCK 

12. Cheek to Cheek: Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald: JAZZ STANDARDS 

13. Sunshine: Cadence: A CAPELLA 

14. Brasil Pandeiro: Novos Baianos: SAMBA 

15. Agua de Beber: Astrud Gilberto: BOSSA NOVA 

16. Jump Jive n' Wail: Brian Setzer Orchestra: MODERN SWING 

17. Minor Swing: Django Reinhardt: JAZZ MANOUCHE 

18. Chris Adams: Canon Rock: METAL 

19. Just the two of us: Will Smith: RAP 

20. Slim Punky's Dilemma: Cadence: ACAPPELA/RAP 

21. Seasons of Love: Cast of Rent: MUSICAL THEATRE 

22. Oh Happy Day: Aretha Franklin: GOSPEL 

23. Sway: Alphabet Rockers: HIP HOP 

24. Sweet Home: Strictly Bass, Andy Irvine: SOLO BASS BLUES

25. Music is my desire: Pablo Moses: REGGAE 

26. Turning of a Tide: Alysha Brilla: ROCK/POP/WORLD 

27. Rock it for me: Caravan Palace: ELECTRO SWING 

28. Jacob Collier: Moon River: ACAPELLA

29. Free: Good Lovelies: FOLK/BLUEGRASS 

30. Video: India Arie: CONTEMPORARY R&B

31. Three Bears Rap: Lindsay Muller: CHILDREN'S MUSIC

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