The 5 Minute Morning Routine for Busy Moms and Dads

I used to roll my eyes at people who talked about their amazing "morning routines". I'd think, "They probably don't have KIDS that wake them up demanding breakfast at the crack of dawn!"

The truth is that I desperately wanted a long, leisurely morning routine that included yoga, meditation, affirmations, journaling, and time to sit in silence with a hot beverage. 

I tried getting up early - it rarely worked. Either I'd be dead tired or the kids would sense my absence from the bed and wake up with me, leaving me frustrated - NOT the way I wanted to start the day. 

But after reading "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, I got a few ideas and decided that a brief morning routine was better than none. Here's what it looks like: 

1. GRATITUDE {10-30 seconds}

Before my eyes even open, I thank my bed for another night's sleep. I thank the universe for a new day, for my family, for our health and happiness and everything I can think of.

2. YOGA {30 seconds to 5 minutes}

I do a bit of yoga / light stretching as I get out of bed. Giving my body some attention first thing in the morning feels so good. 

3. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS {30 seconds to 2 minutes} 

In the bathroom I have positive affirmations taped around the mirror. I read each one with conviction, looking myself in the eyes (known as "mirror work"). Here are a few of the affirmations I say every morning:

"Today is going to be AMAZING!"

"Everything I need to know is revealed to me"

"I love, accept and approve of myself"

4. MUSIC {This takes 20 seconds to do but lasts for an hour!}

I put on a Good Morning Vibes Playlist (click here to listen on Spotify) to sing along with as the kids get ready for the day. I love this step because the kids hear the songs too and I know those positive lyrics are getting internalized!

5. JOURNAL {1 minute to 5 minutes}

If time allows I get out my journal while the kids eat breakfast and make a to-do list for the day as well as some extra affirmations(can you tell I love positive affirmations?)

There you have it friends. At minimum this routine can take 5 minutes, but of course can go longer if time and kids allow! It starts my day off on the right foot and helps me get in a great mood so I can be a happier person, spouse and mom.

Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like? 

Peace, Love and Harmonies,



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