7 Positive Affirmation Activities for KIDS

Isn't it great how GULLIBLE kids are? Especially when they're around the age of 2-6 - they believe anything you tell them! 

If you tell them the Tooth Fairy exists - they'll believe it. 
If you tell them cars can fly - they'll believe it. 
If you tell them they are AMAZING and you love being their parent - they'll believe it! 

Childhood is the best time to receive positive affirmations from parents and other adults - because kids have no trouble accepting them as truth.  


As adults we find it harder to believe positive stuff about ourselves, because our whole lives we've been told different. Maybe from our parents and other adults in our lives. Maybe from our peers at school. Maybe (definitely) from the media telling us we're not good enough and need XYZ to be better. 

But little kids... they haven't encountered this stuff yet. 

That's why I am SO PASSIONATE about getting positive affirmations into the hearts and minds of children (and their parents) all over the world. I want them to know they are amazing and special and unique. Because they are. Every single baby born on earth is equally special, valuable and worthy of love! 

And when we love ourselves, it's easier to love others, and that just makes the world a kinder, healthier place!


Besides my song, "You Are Amazing", which is a list of positive affirmations from A-Z (get it for free here!), here's 7 of my favourite ways we can we implement affirmations into our lives on a daily basis:

1) Colouring Pages (check out my Pinterest board full of positive colouring pages!) 

2) Write out affirmations and stick them in different places around the house 

3) Ask your child a question before bed like "What's one thing you love about yourself?" or "What are you proud of yourself for today?" 

4) Write a positive affirmation like "I believe in you!" and stick it in your child's lunch box 

5) Play Simon Says and make one of the actions "Give yourself a hug and say I AM WONDERFUL!" 

6) Use affirmation cards like these ones from The Positivity Mama 

7) Read empowering books together like Louise Hay's "I Think, I Am" 

Find more information about these resources by clicking the Pinterest board below!


Buy the I Am Amazing Colouring pages in my store for $4! Click on the image below!

Peggy O'Mara said: 

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice." 

Let's remember to build them up and brainwash them with positivity! :) 

I'd love to know how you incorporate positive affirmations into your family's day. Please comment below and let me know! 

Peace, Love and Harmonies, 

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