Attention: Parents of Kids 0-12


Get your kids listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments at home - EVEN IF you have zero musical experience. 

Are you a parent of young kids who wants to include more musical activities in your family's routine, but feel like you're "not musical enough" to teach it? Do you wish you learned music as a child because now learning an instrument seems impossible? Do you want to give the gift of music to your child, because you know the BEST time to learn music is when we're YOUNG? Are you sure there's lots of musical activities you could be doing, but you're not sure where to start? 

My ebook "57 Fun And Easy Ways To Make Music With Kids [A Guide For Non-Musical Parents]" is here to help! Find out how to easily bring more listening, singing, dancing and instrument playing into your family's routine. Filled with playlists, action song videos, games, crafts, and expert tips, it's the best, most practical way to bring more music into your family's day.

I spent months gathering hundreds of songs, activities and ideas for this ebook. I asked Music Therapists, Music Teachers, ESL teachers, Professional Musicians and OTHER experts in the music field for THEIR top tips. I compiled amazing playlists on Spotify and YouTube so that you don't have to spend time looking for kid-appropriate songs and videos. I recorded my most popular action song videos for you and your kids to watch and learn together. I share the Child Led Learning method I use with my kids so that you know EXACTLY how to teach your child a musical instrument (even if you've never played one before).

All you need to do is download the ebook {PDF format}, read it, and do the activities! I've done the work for you - just hit play on the Spotify playlist or watch and sing along to the videos. You can get started RIGHT AWAY

Imagine laughing with your kids as you dance in the kitchen.

Imagine the fun you'll have singing silly songs together in the car.

Imagine how proud your kids will be of themselves when they start playing an instrument.  

I'm a Singer-Songwriter, Performer, Piano/Guitar/Ukulele Teacher, and spent many years leading music at Summer Camp. My songs are listened to all over the world (over 69 countries!). I play guitar, piano, ukulele, melodica, and percussion. I work with an English School in Brazil as a music consultant. I sing, dance, listen to music and play instruments with my own kids every day

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