Musical Genre Match-Up Worksheet: FREE!

Do your kids love MUSIC - but you have no idea how to teach them? 

Don't worry - there is lots you can do at home with them, even if you have NO musical experience. 

One easy activity you can…

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Self Esteem Colouring Pages for Kids

Are you looking for activities to boost your child's self esteem? Here are two *FREE* self esteem colouring pages you can download right here.

While your child/student is colouring, play the song "You Are Amazing" by Lindsay Muller in the…

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Top 5 Positive Spotify Playlists for KIDS [2021]

Listening to positive songs will improve your whole family's mood and mindset. Keep reading to discover 10 kid friendly Spotify playlists that will empower and inspire your kids!

Positive Songs help raise our vibration

Songs have the ability to raise…

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