🐊 CROCS: Ugly, Comfy, and Inspiring ✨

CROCS. Do you love them or hate them? Are they strictly “house shoes”, or is it acceptable to wear them in public?

I’m not gonna lie, I think crocs are ugly. BUT, they’re comfortable and durable. So I’m a…

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10 Affirmation Songs for Kids!

These affirmation songs for kids will help your family feel confident, empowered and loved! Press play and let the positive words sink in. For best results, learn the songs and sing along!

1) You Are Amazing by Lindsay Müller

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🍁 The HIGHS and LOWS of our trip to Canada

We’re back in Brazil after a month of traveling in Canada. We had an amazing time reconnecting with family and friends. We experienced incredible scenery, nature, wildlife, food, and city life. But there’s no place like home!

(Above photo: my

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