5 ways to stay COMMITTED to practicing ukulele

Wanna know one of the most common struggles people have in learning ukulele? Staying COMMITTED to practicing it. I get it - we all have busy lives, and often, playing an instrument isn't our top priority. Yet - we want to play it, we want to improve. So what can we do? Here are my top 5 tips for staying committed to playing and practicing ukulele:
1. Keep your ukulele in an accessible spot where you see it often. You could buy a wall hanger so that it's easy to grab. You could keep it next to your couch/bed. The next time you sit down to scroll on your phone, you pick up your ukulele instead. *warning: if it is not in a case, play it often, so it doesn't collect dust!
2. Join a local ukulele group in your city. It's often easier (and more fun) to play with others. During the week you will be motivated to practice and prepare for the jam session!
3. Have a goal. For example, one of our members had a special song she wanted to learn for her mom's birthday. This kind of goal works well because there's a deadline (the birthday). And there's an emotional component - she wanted to make her mom happy by playing this song for her. THAT is motivation at its finest!
4. Incorporate a little bit of playing into your day. Even just 5 minutes a day will help you progress. Bring it in the car with you and play for 5 minutes while you're waiting to pick up your kid from school. Bring it to the playground. The ukulele is one of the most portable instruments, so use that to your advantage!
5. Have an accountability partner. Make friends with someone else who is learning ukulele (don't know anyone? Find a friend in the Ukulele for Beginners Facebook Group!) and check in with each other. Share resources. Share tips. Share struggles. It's always easier to stay motivated when there are other people involved!

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