🎶 It’s RECORDING time! New positive songs coming your way!

Are you ready for new positive songs from Lindsay Müller? 

I’m preparing to enter the recording phase of songwriter life. I took a 5 month break from recording my songs. The last thing I worked on was “Beautiful Planet”, released in April 2023. 5 months was the right amount of time for me to muster up the creative energy to start up again. Recording, editing, and releasing songs takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s also a lot of creative fun!

Want to hear about the new original songs I’ll be working on? Read about them below!

  1. “Você É Incrível” → A Portuguese version of my song “You Are Amazing”. I’ve wanted to record this for several years now! My Brazilian friends Fran Bitten and Juliano Poeta did the translation. I’m excited to bring this message to children and adults in: 
  • Brazil, 
  • Portugal, 
  • Angola, 
  • Mozambique, 
  • and beyond!

2. “The Cow Song” → This fun and silly song is about how I want a pet cow! It also aims to spread awareness that cows deserve love and respect, like cats and dogs. You can hear my kids and I sing it in our latest online concert. Click here to watch and listen on YouTube.

3. “The Hummingbird” → Based on the story of The Hummingbird by Wangari Maathai. The message teaches that if we're overwhelmed by the problems of the world, we can do our best, and that's enough.

4. “Just Be” → A calming, mindful song that helps you to relax into the present moment and “just be” yourself.

5. “Wurlibird” → A cheerful instrumental piece inspired by our Wurlitzer electric piano (see below)

There may be some others I decide to record, too. Time will tell :)

Partner With Me:

I'm fortunate to have everything I need at home to record my songs. It does take a LOT of time though, and I do it because I love to share what’s in my heart. I don't get paid to do it, but I am grateful for the financial help I receive from my patrons on Patreon. If you’d like to help me get these songs out into the world, you can support me monthly on Patreon (for $5, $10, or $25 USD/month). Click here to check it out!

Lots of love,


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