Music Theory Basics: 30 Minute Video Lesson for Beginners

Are you completely new to the world of music? Maybe the ukulele is your first instrument, and you've never heard of terms like “melody, harmony, scales, chorus, and keys”?
Music is like a whole new language… there are so many new words and concepts to learn!
The good news is that even if the ukulele is your first instrument, you've had exposure to music your whole life, so the language is quite easy to learn.
You just need someone to tell you what these things mean!
If you are entering the world of music for the first time, it is ESSENTIAL to know the basic music theory concepts. Without having a music theory foundation, you will feel frustrated and confused as you try to learn songs on your instrument. Music is supposed to be FUN - and it IS, when you understand the language!
Here's the thing: when we try to learn songs on our own, we can get discouraged. It's confusing and frustrating when we don't understand what our instructors are talking about.
So if you want to learn about MUSIC THEORY - but feel like a complete beginner, I have good news for you! You can learn the “Music Theory Basics” from my friend Stephanie Donnelly.
With 20 years of experience teaching and playing music, Stephanie will teach you the important musical concepts YOU need to know as you enter the world of music.
In her 30 minute video lesson, you'll learn about:
-musical alphabet
-major key
Stephanie explains and demonstrates each concept with her beautiful voice and piano.
Besides being one of my BEST friends since childhood, Stephanie Donnelly is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist with two decades of teaching experience. Her students range from 4 to 85 years old. She has an extensive background in musical theory. She has a wide range of experience in collaboration with other musicians, and she relishes the opportunity to share her knowledge and love of music with others. Stephanie has a deep love of folk music, traditional Irish music, jazz, and any kind of music used as a medium for vulnerable, honest storytelling. Stephanie lives with her husband Kyle, her two sweet kids and her dog Yoshi in Northern Ontario, Canada.
For $10 USD, you will receive Stephanie's MUSIC THEORY BASICS video lesson right away.
You will ALSO receive the recording of the Live Question and Answer Zoom session that Stephanie and I did a few weeks ago!
After watching this video lesson, you will:
  • Feel more confident in your ability to learn songs on ukulele. When you understand the foundation of music, it helps everything else make sense.
  • Have more fun learning ukulele. When you understand these musical concepts, there will be less confusion and less frustration.
  • Learn songs faster, because you will already understand what the heck your teachers are talking about!
  • Upon purchase, you will instantly receive Stephanie's "Music Theory Basics" 30 minute video lesson. You can watch it as many times as you want, at the time that suits you best!
  • You will instantly receive the REPLAY link for the Question+ Answer Zoom Call with Stephanie and Lindsay.
It is ESSENTIAL that you understand these music theory concepts if you are entering the world of music. Allow Stephanie to teach you in the most supportive and beautiful way.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the video. It is excellent. Thank you very much for this lesson. I’m such a newbie with all of this but determined.”

I quite enjoyed that! Awesome video! Very informative! A great refresher!”
“I don't have much knowledge of music theory and learned A LOT.  I appreciate the way you demonstrated with song and helped us identify the parts of the song.”
“I want to express gratitude for the "Music Theory Basics" presentation and for the answers you provided. You have more than pointed me towards the right direction.”

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