Top 5 Positive Spotify Playlists for KIDS [2021]

Listening to positive songs will improve your whole family's mood and mindset. Keep reading to discover 10 kid friendly Spotify playlists that will empower and inspire your kids!

Positive Songs help raise our vibration

Songs have the ability to raise our vibration. Especially when they have a positive message! While the radio and mainstream music doesn't give us a wide variety of positive songs, there are SO MANY out there! It's my mission to find these songs for you to enjoy. I compile songs into Spotify playlists by category. Even if you don't have Spotify, you can click on the links to see what songs are in the playlists. Then you can create your own positive playlist on the platform of your choice.

Positive Songs for Kids: teach positive mindset through song

Songs with positive messages help us develop a positive mindset. Songs with positive affirmations, for example, can help us memorize the affirmations and repeat them, as we sing the songs (either out loud or in our head!) The earlier we hear these positive messages, the easier it is to internalize them. Imagine if all children of the world were hearing positive songs that encourage love and kindness - for ourselves, others, and the planet. The world would be a happier, kinder place!

positive songs kids

Here are my Top 10 Positive Spotify Playlists for Kids:

1. Good Morning Vibes: Start your day on the right foot with these positive, uplifting songs your whole family will enjoy. Including songs from Bill Withers, India Arie, Lindsay Müller, Doris Day, Hollow Coves, Jimmy Cliff, and Bobby McFerrin.

positive songs children

2. Love Songs for Kids: Perfect as background music during quiet play, this playlist has a gentle folk/pop vibe full of lyrics about kindness, friendship, and love between parent and child. The lyrics will help you and your kids feel calm and connected. Including songs from Christina Perri, Lindsay Müller, Bruno Mars, Emily Arrow, Frances England and Mister Rogers.

positive songs kids

3. Growth Mindset Songs for Kids: do your kids ever say "I can't do this!" or "I give up!"? Listen to these songs and your kids will automatically develop a growth mindset. They will be inspired to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, and never give up! Including songs from Lindsay Müller, Shakira, Journey, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles.

positive songs kids

4. Empowering Songs for Kids: Uplifting, encouraging, positive songs that will help kids love and believe in themselves. {AGES 0-6} This playlist includes songs from Emily Arrow, Charlie Hope, Frances England, Kath Bee, Lindsay Müller, Stephanie Leavell, and Ziggy Marley.

positive empowering songs kids

5. Mindfulness Songs for Kids: Encourage your kids to be present, breathe deeply and slow down with these songs about mindfulness. Including songs from Raffi, Lindsay Müller, Elliott Park, Kira Willey, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Renee & Jeremy.

mindful songs kids

Your turn! What are your favourite positive songs for kids? Do you have any go-to playlists? Share them with us in the comments below!

Click here to get a FREE MP3 of Lindsay Müller's positive affirmations song for kids, "You Are Amazing".



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