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Top 5 Positive Spotify Playlists for KIDS [2021]

Listening to positive songs will improve your whole family's mood and mindset. Keep reading to discover 10 kid friendly Spotify playlists that will empower and inspire your kids!

Positive Songs help raise our vibration

Songs have the ability to raise…

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100+ Growth Mindset Songs for Kids

Do you listen to growth mindset songs for kids? Keep reading to discover over 100 growth mindset songs and a Spotify playlist! Just press PLAY and be inspired by these empowering songs that will help kids believe in themselves, know…

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Classical Music for Kids: Spotify Playlist

Do you want to expose your children to Classical Music? Look no further than this Spotify Playlist full of my kids' favourite classical pieces. We love to listen in the car, waving our conducting arms madly!

Why expose our children

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Bedtime for Baby: Spotify Playlist

Is music a part of your child's bedtime routine? It's a wonderful way for your kiddos to relax and drift off to dreamland. Here's a Spotify playlist full of calm, soothing songs with positive lyrics. Listen here or create your…

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Dance Party for Kids Playlist

Are dance parties a part of your family's routine? If not - or if you need some new tunes to shake things up - consider pressing PLAY on this Spotify playlist, turning it up, and see what happens! Dancing is…

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Educational Songs for Kids: Spotify Playlist

Did you know that music can assist with learning language?

Whether it’s a first or second language your child is learning, music has this magical power that makes words and concepts stick in our heads. Most of us have experienced…

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