Bedtime for Baby: Spotify Playlist

Is music a part of your child's bedtime routine? It's a wonderful way for your kiddos to relax and drift off to dreamland. Here's a Spotify playlist full of calm, soothing songs with positive lyrics. Listen here or create your own using the song list below:

1. You Can Always Come Home: Lindsay Muller 

2. Like Me and You: Lindsay Muller 

3. You Are Amazing: Lindsay Muller (Get a FREE download of this song here!)

4. Lagrima: Lindsay Muller 

5. One Light, One Sun: Raffi, Ken Whiteley 

6. I Will: JJ Heller 

7. Sleepy Time: Helen Austin 

8. A thousand years: Christina Perri 

9. Hawa Dheere Aana: Jenifer Thyssen 

10. Thanks A Lot: Raffi 

11. Over The Rainbow: JJ Heller 

12. Bride Over Troubled Water: JJ Heller 

13. Paving the Runway: JJ Heller 

14. You are my sunshine: Christina Perri 

15. Tonight you belong to me: Christina Perri 

16. Dream a little dream of me: Christina Perri 

17. Remember me: Christina Perri 

18. Better Together: JJ Heller 

19. Stay Awake: JJ Heller 

20. Hand to Hold: JJ Heller 

21. L-O-V-E: JJ Heller 

22. Till There Was You: JJ Heller 

23. Moon River: JJ Heller 

24. Make You Feel My Love: JJ Heller 

25. Edelweiss: JJ Heller 

26. I Dream of You: JJ Heller 

27. Big World, Baby: JJ Heller 

28. When I'm With You: JJ Heller 

29. I Know You Will: JJ Heller 

30. The Sun Will Rise: JJ Heller 

31. Keep You Safe: JJ Heller 

32. Daydream: JJ Heller 

33. I Get to Be the One: JJ Heller


What songs would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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