Family Folk: Spotify Playlist

Need some new tunes for your kids that won't drive the parents crazy?! Here's 30 awesome, non-annoying folk tunes for your family's listening pleasure. Listen on Spotify or use the song list below to create your own list. Let me know in the comments what folk songs your kids love!

1. Mr. Sun (Lindsay Muller)

2. Little Bitta You (Andrew & Polly)

3. Three Bears Rap (Lindsay Muller)

4. Liver Pill (Lindsay Muller)

5. Colour It (Helen Austin)

6. I'm Me! (Charlie Hope)

7. Run Baby Run (Caspar Babypants)

8. We Are Enough (Emily Arrow)

9. The 3 Rs (Jack Johnson)

10. You & I (Helen Austin)

11. Bicycle (Frances England)

12. I'm a Nut (Caspar Babypants)

13. Made Up My Mind (Caspar Babypants)

14. Yupster Food Song (Louis and Dan)

15. Bananaphone (Raffi)

16. Sing a Song (Little Apple Band)

17. Baby Beluga (Raffi)

18. Stompy the Bear (Caspar Babypants)

19. Everything Grows (Raffi)

20. Everybody (Ingrid Michaelson)

21. Butterfly Wings (Imagination Movers)

22. Red Balloon (Frances England)

23. Into The Wild (Frances England)

24. Explorer of the World (Frances England)

25. Welcome Song (Charlie Hope)

26. Big Life (Lindsay Muller)

27. Raining Like Magic (Raffi)

28. We Can Make It (Andrew & Polly)

29. All Star (Andrew & Polly)

30. Biscuits In The Oven (Raffi)

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